Sangi” is a Bengali word, meaning partner. Here we use it in the sense of a guide.

The State of West Bengal in India has advanced much in the field of higher education. Policies of the government has encouraged a large number of Universities & colleges both technical as well as non-technical to come up in the recent past. In the context of such development, one always feels the lack of a good information system. As budding technocrats, we aim to fill-in the gap with a proper information system. Our objective is to help the layman, specially the academic class with a Geographic Information System providing all necessary information about these institutions.

The salient features of the proposed GIS are:

Graphical navigation through detailed maps.One can easily select a region on the map to generate a more detailed map which shall highlight the desired institutions.
Form the detailed map, one can select any institution and obtain basic as well as specific information about it such as:

  1. location
  2. distance from any selected location
  3. courses offered
  4. admission procedures
  5. fees structures
  6. amenities etc.

The design phase of the project just started. Basic design will be uploaded soon.

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